Make pizzas

Make Pizza

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Here’s how your Rotimatic™ can make not just plain rotis but Pizza also

  1. Remove the flour container.

  2. Put 2 cups of wheat flour.

  3. Now add 1 cup of white flour.

  4. To the above mixture add ½ tsp of dry yeast.

  5. Mix 1 1/2tsp of salt into water

  6. Once the pizza base is out of the machine, poke the base with a fork for uniform cooking.

  7. Let the pizza base rest for 2 hours in a casserole/fridge for a fluffy crust .

  8. After resting the pizza add your favourite toppings.

  9. Preheat the oven to 250/450 F.

  10. Bake the pizza for 4-6 minutes.

Here’s how your Rotimatic™ can be a Pizza-matic:

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