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Make Puri

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It is very easy to make puri discs in rotimatic.

Recipe - To make Puri, please follow the instructions.

1) From the wall power supply, switch on the Rotimatic.

2) On the front display, tap the power button. Wait for the starting up process to complete.

3) Tap the Menu button.

4) Using up down buttons, select Puri and tap Select.

5) Using up down buttons, select flour and tap Select. Make sure the flour selected is the same as flour loaded into the flour container.

6) Add one tablespoon salt to the water and stir well. For less oily Puris, add 1/3 cup of Semolina (Suji) to the flour container and mix well. Tap Ok.

7) The screen appears with the message, " Please pick up the puri discs immediately from the pan. They come out hot. Handle with care". Tap Ok.

8) The screen appears with the message, " If you are not frying puri discs immediately, please store them in a casserole". Tap Ok.

9) Using up down buttons, select the number of Puris you want to cook and tap play.

10) The Rotimatic delivers Puri disc in 90 seconds with default six minutes warm-up time. In the pan area, use tong to pick Puri disc.

11) Put Puri disc into a deep fryer.

12) Once cooked, remove Puri from the pan and serve hot.

Note: To see Puri feature, Tap Menu button. The Puri feature appears.

Here’s how your Rotimatic™ can be a Puri-matic :

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