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We are constantly expanding the list of flour brands you can use. Unlimited software updates mean your Rotimatic™ will update automatically to cater to new flour brands; you won’t have to do a thing.

Currently, Rotimatic™ works best with the following flour brands:

  • Aashirwad

  • Aashirwad Multigrains

  • Aashirwad Select

  • Pillsbury/Sujata

  • Pillsbury/Sujata Gold

  • Pillsbury/Sujata Multigrain

  • Elephant Gold Chakki

  • Grewal Chakki

  • Al Baker Chapati

  • Al Baker Chakki Gold

  • Al Baker Chakki Fresh

You can select your preferred flour type from the Rotimatic™ screen. 

Based on community feedback, we will add new flour types through regular software upgrades.

See section: Recommended flour brands at

In addition, if you are unable to get recommended flour brands, you can use alternative flour brands, see section: Alternative flour brands at

If you are still unable to find your flour brand, send us pictures of the flour packaging, both front and back, displaying nutritional chart on the flour packaging, via the Rotimatic™ mobile application or email us at [email protected].

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