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How do I get softer rotis?
How do I get softer rotis?
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Here are a few suggestions that should help you :

  • Select Thickness level at 1 and Oil level 2.

  • Using Lukewarm water (particularly for customers in colder climates).

  • Use as much as possible only the recommended flours and recommended oils.  Aashirvaad Select and Pillsbury/Sujata Gold generally yield softer Rotis.

  • Although not tested, many customers have feedback on adding 1~2 table spoon milk powder or almond powder to 3 cups of flour. Please do lower down your Roast level as well. 

  • Addition of 2 teaspoons of flaxseed powder, fibre (grinded from Oats) or psyllium husk powder to 3 cups of flour.

  • Roti Storage: Place in a casserole to keep it warm.

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