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What does my warranty cover?
What does my warranty cover?
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Every Rotimatic comes with one year of complete hardware and software coverage within the warranty period. With RotimaticCare+ or Extend (for USA) you can extend your warranty coverage so you can continue enjoying your Rotimatic worry-free.

With RotimaticCare+ you can enjoy,
โ€‹Hardware coverage with service at your doorstep:

  • Covers repairs and replacements for all hardware defects.

  • Product with hardware issue will either be repaired or replaced.

  • Free pickup and delivery at your doorstep.

  • User installable parts are not covered under warranty : Storage containers (flour, water and oil), kneading parts, cleaning kit, kicker, front door and power chord.

Software support with Remote troubleshooting:

  • Swift troubleshooting of software issues via Cloud by experts, almost instantly, at the comfort of your home.

  • 24 X 7 access to our tech experts via Chat through the App.

  • Request a video call with our technical experts via Rotimatic App.

  • Speak to our support agents with a callback appointment.

International coverage so you move worry-free:

  • International coverage with full support provided in countries we currently serve.

  • Entitled to a one-time exchange of original product with a refurbished product in the event of reallocation to a country currently served by the company, to comply with different voltage requirements.

  • In case of an exchange due to reallocation, a shipping & handling fee of USD 199 will apply (Refer Term of Sale -

With Extend you are covered for:

  • Fast and free product replacements

  • Normal wear-and-tear and mechanical failures

  • Power surges and electrical failures

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