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Here’s how you can connect your Rotimatic™ to Wi-Fi if you’re an iOS user:

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Here’s how you can connect your Rotimatic™ to Wi-Fi if you’re an Android user:

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Why connecting to Wi-Fi?

Before you start making rotis, it is essential that you connect Rotimatic™ to your home Wi-Fi network, to ensure you don't miss out on any of these:

- Latest firmware upgrades

- Remote troubleshooting capabilities

- Live chat & video support

- And many more exciting feature and recipe releases

How to connect your Rotimatic™ to Wi-Fi?

1. Search for "Rotimatic" in the App Store or Google Play and download the Rotimatic App onto your phone.

2. Follow the instructions in the Rotimatic App to sign up/ sign in and connect.

3. Ensure your Rotimatic is on and refer to the on-screen instructions mentioned in the Rotimatic App while connecting to Wi-Fi.

4. While connecting, make sure your phone is connected to the home Wi-Fi network. Switch off the mobile data to avoid network conflict.

Important: Make sure you have enabled 2.4 Ghz frequency for your router.

In case you need further assistance, you can contact chat support 24/7 via the Rotimatic™ mobile app.

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