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  1. Remove all three containers from the slots to avoid spilling flour/water/oil on the machine. 

2. Check if all slots are clean and dry.

3. Ensure that the flour container is completely dry. Fill up flour to the 'MAX' marking without compressing the flour. That way, the flour will flow smoothly and not get clogged.

4. Insert the flour container by aligning the ridges on the flour container with the grooves in the flour slot.

5. Fill the water container. Place it in the water container slot and press it down. 

6. Fill the oil container if you wish to add oil to your roti. Place it in the oil container slot and press it all the way down firmly until you hear a clicking sound.

Please ensure the following:

  • Do not spill water or oil into the flour slot or flour container.

  • Do not fill the flour into a wet container. Any droplet of water will affect the flour dispensing.

  • Do not overfill or compress flour while filling to ensure a steady dispensing flow.

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