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Unable to power on Rotimatic™
Unable to power on Rotimatic™
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Power cycle the machine as shown in the video:

  1. Turn off the Rotimatic and remove the power cable from the wall power socket.

  2. Remove the power cable from Rotimatic.

  3. Wait for one minute.

  4. Plug in the power cable to the Rotimatic.

  5. Plug in the Rotimatic power cable into the wall power socket and turn on the power.

  6. Wait for 30 secs.

  7. Gently tap the Power button of your Rotimatic™, using the full surface of your fingertip. Pressing the buttons hard won’t help, because the buttons are designed with capacitive touch sensing, which means they respond to gentle touch with a large contact surface.

  8. Check if there is red light through the side vents.
    Tip: Look inside the Rotimatic™ from the left to check if there’s a small red light. This indicates that Rotimatic™ is receiving power. If the light is on, wait till you hear a soft beeping sound (the Rotimatic™ heartbeat!) before you tap the Power button. If there’s no red light, there might be a problem with your power supply.

  • In case there is no red light, when seen through the side vents, please make sure the power cable is properly inserted as shown below:

  • If there is RED light seen through the side vents, and the power button is not responding, please contact our Live Chat support via the Rotimatic™ mobile app.

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