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Unable to update firmware
Unable to update firmware
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To upgrade the new software/firmware for Rotimatic, follow the instructions.

  • Make sure the machine is connected to the internet. The wifi icons on the screen should be orange in colour.

  • Check the Rotimatic is plugged into the wall power socket and the power supply is on.

  • Power on the Rotimatic.

  • Leave Rotimatic for 5 minutes to let it connect to Wi-Fi. Press power button. "Do you want to power off the machine?". Select YES.

  • Your screen should now be dark. Give Rotimatic 10 minutes to auto-update! Press the power button once more.

If you recently changed your home Wi-Fi name or password, reconfigure the Rotimatic™ Wi-Fi according to the steps in the below videos.

Reconfigure Wi-Fi if you’re an iOS user:

  • Dark mode of the phone should be off.

  • There should not be any special character present in wifi name and password.

  • Update it to iOS 13.3. or higher

  • Update Rotimatic app to 1.6.6 or higher

  • Enable "location services" for this app.

  • The Cellular data and Bluetooth are turned off.

Reconfigure Wi-Fi if you’re an Android user:

In case you need further assistance, you can contact chat support 24/7 via the Rotimatic™ mobile app.

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