Folded roti is the common issue that is found during the rotis making process.

What is folded roti ?

Folded roti is caused by the flatten dough disc sticking to the pans while being transferred from the back to the front pan.

What are the causes of folded rotis?

90% are caused due to cleaning issues, crumbs left in the kneading area & on the pan surfaces. A small % due to the dough ball's hardness is too soft and some % is due parts defective.

Remove the crumbs using Magic Stick.

Select 2 drops of oil and make 10 to 15 rotis. Once the Rotimatic recovers, you may reduce the oil level to 1 drop.

Season the press pans as shown in the video:

Caution: Ensure the pans are completely cool while cleaning to avoid burns or injury.

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