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How to connect Rotimatic to a mobile phone hotspot?
How to connect Rotimatic to a mobile phone hotspot?
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To connect Rotimatic to a mobile phone hotspot, you would require two mobile phones.

Phone 1 (Hotspot provider): Enable the hotspot option. Ensure the phone has cellular data and is connected to the mobile internet. Ensure that the phone name is Alphanumeric.

Phone 2 (Has the Rotimatic Mobile App): Enable the wifi option and connect to phone 1. Disable the cellular data on phone 2.

Please watch the videos below for a better understanding on how to connect your Rotimatic to a mobile hotspot.

Hotspot for Android -

Hotspot for Ios -

Note - If you are an iOS user:

  • Dark mode of the phone should be off.

  • There should not be any special character present in wifi name and password.

  • Update it to iOS 13.3. or higher

  • Update Rotimatic app to 1.6.6 or higher

  • Enable "location services" for this app.

  • The Cellular data and Bluetooth are turned off.

Video :

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